Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pampered Spirit finds home at Meridian Hospitals

Recently, The Pampered Spirit partnered with Meridian Health Care Systems and Circles Concierge out of Boston Massacuttes to offer in-room treatments to patients. As massage therapists and company's across the country know this is a moment to rejoice! Spa services are a welcome addition to health care facilities.
The Pampered Spirit, a New Jersey based premier mobile spa business, has partnered with Circles, one of the largest concierge services in the U.S., to offer a complete line of spa services to patients at Meridian Hospitals.
Spa services are now available in-room. The services are available to all patients of the medical Centers, designed to address non-clinical needs. The menu offers a wide array of massage options, including back, neck and shoulder massage, hand and foot reflexology and even pre and post operation Reiki sessions. Also offering nail care for the hands and feet as well as grooming services including; women's cut and style, men's haircuts and shaves. Pampered Spirit Technicians working within the hospitals must undergo rigorous screening process not only with Circles Concierge but Meridian Hospitals as well.
As the business owner I am extremely pleased with the growth and success in working in a hospital setting to bring these much needed services to people experiencing a hospital stay. Partnering with an industry leader such as circles paves the way for continued growth in attracting other location partners.
The Pampered Spirit is no stranger to the health care industry, currently operating throughout New Jersey adult senior communities, long term care facilities and private home appointments, along with a number of local businesses to offer corporate/workplace massage and other wellness workshops. In addition we offer customized spa parties which are the perfect addition to your bridal party, birthday, anniversary or bachelorette party. We bring everything to your location.

It is the vision of The Pampered Spirit to make service affordable and available in hospitals, businesses, hotels and events where normal spa service are not available. For more information visit www.thepamperedspiritn.com


medical accident said...

its a great job, it also comes as a social working, because it is just as providing the services to the people for their betterment.
thanks for the sharing.

medical accident

Contessa Otremba said...

This can attract a lot of clients since it focuses on the availability and affordability of spa service. I'll definitely keep this in my bookmarks so I can take my friends with me someday to try their services.

Contessa Otremba